Sanding Sponge 180 Grit

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The sanding sponge is the perfect way to prepare your skirting board, architrave or primed surface ready for its next coat. The Sanding Sponge 180 grit allows for a light sanding to even out any uneven surfaces or blemishes following priming or painting and allows for the perfect smooth finish to be applied.

The perfect partner for when a primed finish has been selected. The sanding sponge is able to get into any profile and create the perfect smooth finish before applying undercoat. Being light enough not cause a scratchy gritty finish the 180 grit leaves a smooth finish to the service. This sponge has a spongy nature and is abrasive on both sides.

The sanding sponge resists clogging allowing for it to last much longer than at an effective level than traditional sandpaper. Unlike sand paper the sanding sponge is tear resistant. With grit on two sides this sponge doubles the life span of single sided sponges or paper.

This sponge uses a silicone carbide abrasive and sits a 13mm thickness. This can be ordered individually or a part of a full order and is a must have for anyone who wants to sand curves or abnormal surfaces.

If ordered as part of a larger order we will deliver using our own fleet of delivery vans, we ensure fast delivery lead times, allowing you to complete your job quicker! If ordered on is own we will sent via parcel courier directly to your door. We also offer an option of free collection from our Leicestershire warehouse!

Additional Information

Length: 123mm
Width: 97mm
Thickness: 13mm

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